Learning from the Spaniard Esparcia coach, the trigger point you have to change to master the creative tennis!

Tennis camp of 5 nights and 6th is held now inviting Esparcia coach from Spain. Experience teaching the world top player tour coach and winning Nadal. Experience coaching numerous junior players including Chinese national team junior. Also from the experience of teaching professional coaches all over the world, we will practice on the theme “How to use the head necessary to win with tennis” to the juniors in the period of 5 nights and 6 days.

 Try again to tactics practice which was difficult.

On the third day of yesterday’s camp (We had a meeting with Espalsia coach, I wanted to nurture good tennis from early childhood.) I found the difficulty and the players’ reactions were bad so we challenged tactics practice again. I asked Esparcia coach and we rechallenged to make a tactical brain.

Devices to prevent juniors from thinking it is difficult.

With a simple ball play warming up, whenever the players feel difficult, I called out to try before they think. I have urged the body to respond earlier than thinking with your head in “the situation where you can do anything, there is no correct answer”. Then, the reaction began to improve little by little. If you coach this too much for the correct answer and you make an atmosphere that you are seeking the correct answer, the players are thinking too much at the head and the movement stops. I tried carefully and carefully the tactics exercises that did not work yesterday while calling out so as not to be in such a situation.

Performance of players getting better and better.

Loosen the tight brain in a simple ball game. It is the pattern that draws out creative patterns The fun of changing things in the essence of making. The theme of this camp “In any situation you can do anything. What will they be able to do?” I think that I got an answer to the question Why.

Achievement in matching practice

In the match exercise after the lesson, the players showed us a variety of tennis that I had never seen before. I think that the change of players was clear as it is the consensus of the four coaches who were there. From players as well, “I was able to play tennis very well today and I wonder why? ” I got a question as well.

Coaching pleasure to react without expecting correct answers.

Students who were consolidating trying to give the correct answer required by adults without knowing it. Esparcia coach skillfully eliminated that pressure and players’ play as requested here. We tied it to creative play. Leave it to the reaction of the body in the first place, change the rally It is fun to go. Espacia coach says.

“It is important to take pleasure from players to react to create changes by not deciding correct answers.”

The insight and execution power of the first-class coach is also top notch.