We’ve kept thinking to use the head in tennis as a Spanish tennis coach! What is the usage of the head that the global coach seeks?

Until yesterday, we invited Esparcia coach from Spain and held a tennis camp
for 5 nights and 6 days. Experience coaching the world top players’ tour coach and winning Nadal.
Experience teaching numerous junior players including Chinese national team junior.
Also, from the experience of teaching professional coaches all over the world,
We practiced on the theme “How to use the head to win in tennis” to the juniors
in a period of 5 nights and 6 days.

Let’s use your head! Although it says often, what kind of head usage is there in tennis?

(1)During the point: It reacts rather than thinking. Instantaneous judgment.
(2)Between points: Switch between feelings in 20 seconds and prepare for the next point.
(3)Between game and set: 90 seconds, 120 seconds, organize what is happening now and head for the next game.
(4)Off Court: You can think about the reflection of games, and plan for next match.

What I emphasized most was how to use the head in “the middle of the point”.

In this Hakone camp, working with Esparcia coach is
(1) Improving the usage of the head “in the middle of a point”.
Because it is in the middle of the point, it is an image that reacts and adds change,
even if saying how to use the head.
Regarding (2)(3)(4), it is easy to improve even after age has been accumulated,
but regarding (1), I think that it is difficult to improve once you get accustomed
to playing in crazy.

Do not become monotone anyhow.

Why did not you do this while watching the players’ match behind?
I think that it is common to think. There is time to think to some extent on the viewing side.
However, athletes actually playing on the court are only reacting while feeling it.
The tennis I’ve seen in Europe was tennis which is rich in change, just reacting
while feeling it, but looking from the side to a tremendously creative tennis.
It seemed like watching Spanish football.

How to fight is completed at low age.

This is something I can say on my experiences of training juniors for over 20 years,
but the way the battle fights is settled as I gather experience.
U12 · U14 will solidify to some extent.
It may be because the time (4) “time to think with off coat” will increase.
Rather than train instantaneous judgment, if you think too much, the instant judgment
will be lost, isn’t it?

The Europeans learn from Asia, and the Asians learn from Europe.

Esparcia coach says that European players have lots to learn from Asia.
I think that what is important is the desire to absorb from different cultures.
Because there is no need to get stained with a different culture.
I think that adults, including me, are good at thinking well, and that is the trend. But

For children, I would like to provide a way to use the head other than we feel comfortable,
and I would like to have good tennis.

Next time I will prepare for better contents.