What Spanish tennis coach who got proven track record in the world is recommended for both studay and tennis way? Or narrow it down to one tennis?

Tennis camp of 5 nights and 6th is held now inviting Esparcia coach from Spain.
Experience teaching the world top player tour coach and winning Nadal.
Experience coaching numerous junior players including Chinese national team junior.
Also from the experience of teaching professional coaches all over the world, we will practice on the theme
“How to use the head necessary to win with tennis” to the juniors in the period of 5 nights
and 6 days.

Does Esparcia coach cherish tennis practice or study?

After practicing the first day, Esparcia coach gathered the juniors into the room and talked.
It’s about studying, not about tennis.

Yes Esparcia cherishes it, it is both study and tennis.The reason was that the choices of life increased.

If you can play tennis when you are 18 years old,
you can go to the university, and you an also aim for professionalism at tennis.
Also the professional can also be after going to university.

Talk of Guillermo Garcia-Lopez, who walked with Esparcia coach.

Lopez who climbed up the 23rd ranking in partnership with Esparcia coach.
He is still 83rd in the world even now at 33 years old. Lopez is excellent in academic ability,
and he seems to have decided to advance to an American university to become an architect at the age of 18.
However, as a result of having talked with Esparcia coach as a matter of necessity,
it seems that he tried challenging the way of a professional tennis player promised to stop only
if he could challenge for only one year and I could not finish 300th.
It was 230th after the first year. he would challenge only for another year. . .
In the second year he participated in the Australian Open and decided to do it professionally.
By the way, players who can raise up their rankings so quickly are rare.
If you can not achieve the outcome, you can return to the choice of aiming for an architect,
so you could have set such a high hurdle.

You can make use of it to tennis if you can study.

Esparcia coach says that studying will definitely be a positive advantage for tennis.
Tennis can not win unless you use your head. So please do not only play tennis, but also study hard.
Even if you can not become a professional, please go to the university and try hard.
He told us like that.

During this Hakone camp, I set study time for at least 2 hours a day. Juniors who can concentrate and study,
for 2 hours,they quietly headed to the problem collection and they were reading when they finished.
In my opinion, Junior who has concentration of study, they seemed to have a high willingness to listen to
the story of Esparcia coach and to understand in the lesson.
I think that the head to use for study and for the tennis court are a little different.
However, planning up and running towards the goal,Try to understand what the coach says with your head first,
try using the statistics that comes up with figures to tactics, using your head.
There are many scenes required. It is both studay and tennis road that also recommends a coach who knows
the world and has achieved achievements in the world.
Everyone of juniors, let’s habit to go to the desk! It is!