We reached the point in the meeting with Esparcia coach, a mind want to be brought up from childhood in order to acquire good tennis.

Tennis camp of 5 nights and 6days is held now inviting Esparcia coach from Spain.
Experience coaching the world top player tour coach and winning Nadal.
Experience teaching numerous junior players including Chinese national team junior.
Also from the experience of teaching professional coaches all over the world,
we will practice on the theme “How to use the head necessary to win with tennis”
to the juniors in the period of 5 nights and 6 days.

Challenging difficult tactics practice.

Today, which is the third day of the camp, we worked on difficult tactics exercises.
We challenged the movement after using the bouncing ball and the deployment to grasp
the initiative with the slice. For juniors who are usually not interested in assembling,
such menus are painful. At first it does not go well and they can not grasp the image
that the coach says. Even though they understand it with their head, they can not express
it as their performance.

It is divided into a junior who can flexibly try and who shows a rejection reaction.

When the content of the exercise is difficult and it does not go well, it can be divided into
a player who can flexibly try it and a player who can not do so without doing so.
Then Esparcia coach gathered everyone,
“Everyone, you are not trying to challenge what you felt was difficult. Even if you felt
it was difficult, it is important to try and try again. “

My experience.

When I was coaching in Esaka, I was coaching tactics exactly in the same way.
Junior who can try flexibly even if the one can not do it quickly when practicing hard content
wore a variety of tennis. To put it clearly, easy-going type of player.

The ability you think is necessary is a positive mind, without thinking negatively
when you practice hard. The athlete who switches to the “difficult = fun” is absorbing fast.

Responding to Failure

Meeting during the lunch break with Esparcia coach. I decided to work on the same menu again
tomorrow so that I could cope with the negative reactions of the players.
We are not going negative, but challenging. We are talking together, the physical shortage
can not be helped. But I came to the conclusion that the emotional shortage can be improved.
I hope to be able to wear the mind not to be afraid of failure from age of kindergarten,
but not everyone else. Even in practice with a negative impression at first, the quality of
play will definitely improve by using your head with the ability you have now, understanding
the meaning of practice and expressing without fear. To nurture a mind to enjoy difficult
things, we also never give up.

I aim for practicing emo!

I would like you to know the necessity of tactics when in junior.

The goal of this tennis camp is to get to know the need for tactics.
The interest of juniors is often too focused on hitting a fast ball. Why does Esparcia Coach
say to change with a bouncing ball or slice? Why do you need to change the opponent with
a change rather than hit a fast ball, lower the back, or make it strike at a difficult height?
And for that, what kind of things should I pay attention to master basic skills?
I will stick to the results and try to tell.