The coach who used to be the top player in the world and also has experience in teaching top players will preach, the action necessary to become a strong player!

Tennis camp of 5 nights and 6days is held now inviting Esparcia coach from Spain. Experience playing the world top player tour coach and winning Nadal. Experience teaching numerous junior players including Chinese national team junior. In addition, from experiences teaching professional coaches all over the world, we will practice on the theme of how to use the head necessary to win with tennis to the juniors in the 5 nights 6 days period.

After the clinic, we have a meeting.

After practicing we have a meeting and hit between the opinion of Esparcia coach and mine. He is very appreciating the current Asian tennis.

European juniors should come to more Asian games and gain diversity by being tampered by Asian tennis.

I said that it was good. From my own study abroad and junior leadership experience, more in Europe. As we believe that it is better to have experienced, the other party is thinking about the same thing.

Europe is not better than Asia…

The idea of Esparcia coach is that

Europeans need to fight in Asia to learn diversity.

There are still many European men who have many players in the current world ranking. “I am still humbling to learn from tennis in other areas.” Espalsia coach, taking Japan’s top professional tennis playing wonderful tennis as an example,

“Very accurate and fast, very good tempo”

And admitting a good place, the players in Europe said they needed to experience a match against that style. Among me, Japanese need to learn a variety of tennis that will be deployed in clay courts in Europe I was thinking. However, I was a little surprised that the other side thought about the same thing.

In order to become a strong player.

“What you need to raise the level of tennis, you can touch the diversity, respond to it, and repeat absorbing things”

Esparcia coach says. It is necessary to take action and learn. In the good partner’s place, Absorb what can be absorbed. To cope with difficulties, we will try to deal with some countermeasures. By doing so, the level goes up. Esparcia has been trying to learn greedily despite being in the privileged environment of Europe. Is the coach’s posture absolutely unique to a coach of a tennis power country?